Prospect has a number of different subdivisions and apartment complexes that are located within the city limits. Each area mentioned below provides a unique variety of single-family residences as well as multi-family living spaces.

Is located just west of the city's main center off of U.S. Highway 42. Bridgepointe consists of approximately 155 single-family residences and features a swimming pool/clubhouse with memberships available for residents and non-residents to join.




Condominium townhomes surrounding an inlet off of Harrod's Creek highlight this complex which is accessible directly off of U.S. Highway 42. Harrod's Landing features an area devoted to the avid boater – Harrod's Landing Yacht Club. Members can dock their crafts only steps from their front door.

The entrance to this subdivision is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 42 and Timber Ridge Road. With many lovely homes of varying styles, The Landings contains approximately 239 single-family homes and is conveniently located in the heart of Prospect.



One of the two original subdivisions to comprise the earliest city of Prospect. Fox Harbor, with its elevated location and tree - filled surroundings contains approximately 182 single-family homes. Fox Harbor's entrance is located off of U.S. Highway 42 directly across from the Prospect Point Center.



Hunting Creek i
s the first subdivision to comprise the City of Prospect. It contains approximately 945 single-family residences, single-family townhomes, and surrounds the Hunting Creek Country Club. It is accessible from U.S. Highway 42 and is located slightly Northeast of the city center.



Accessible through sections of the Hunting Creek subdivision and also from Covered Bridge Road, this area is home to approximately 235 single-family residences with many homes on the Hunting Creek Country Club golf course.


One of the newer subdivisions to the area it is located off of U.S. Highway 42. Sutherland maintains a beautiful pair of lakes at the main entrance to the subdivision featuring fountains and some wild water fowl. The complex consists of approximately 300+ single-family residences.

Located adjacent to the Sutherland Subdivision off of U.S. Highway 42 this is one of the newest subdivisions in Prospect. It contains some 62 single-family residences.



Located off of U.S. Highway 42 at the corner of Timber Ridge Drive and River Road, it contains 32 condominium-style homes.




The newest subdivision is just west of Harrods Creek on U.S. Highway 42. It consists of 36 condominium-style units.


There are many questions and concerns regarding the construction of a new East End Bridge adjacent to Prospect. The best way for you to understand how this will affect you is to provide facts about the plan.
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There are 47 miles of roadway
in the city of Prospect.

Prospect was not the original name for the city, it was Sand Hill.