Ann R. Simms - City Administrator
Mrs. Simms, a resident of the Estates of Hunting Creek, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the City. She was elected to the Prospect City Council in November of 1991 and took office on January 1, 1992. She was reelected in November of 1993 and served until mid-1995 when she was named City Administrator by the Mayor. During her terms on the Council, she was chair of the budget committee.

Mrs. Simms has been recognized as the City’s only two-time winner of the Beach Craigmyle Award, which is presented annually for outstanding service to Prospect.

Holly LeVold - City Clerk
Holly is the Deputy City Clerk for Financial matters. Her responsibilities include maintaining all financial records, collecting taxes, issuing construction permits and the administration of the business licenses. As the City of Prospect's ABC commissioner, Ms. LeVold is responsible for issuing all liquor licenses.

Ron Cundiff - Director of Maintenance & Technology

Ron is responsible for all routine maintenance functions in Prospect and for supervision of construction projects within the city. He handles additional tasks as they relate to the City's hardware/software technology.


Jeff Sherrard is Chief of the Prospect Police Department, which is made up of nine full-time professional police officers and a Administrative Assistant.

The department's primary mission is to build a safe community by providing trained professionals to promote crime prevention, and to effectively conduct proactive law enforcement through community involvement. Officers are committed to the philosophical elements of Community Policing. Through our response to community concerns and the development of positive relationships throughout the community, we strive to impact the quality of life issues that make the City of Prospect a great community in which to live, visit, and work. Officers patrol the entire city and their response time to any call for assistance is usually never more than 2-3 minutes.

For many citizens their only interaction with the Prospect Police Department may be during a routine traffic stop or during an investigation. In addition to our standard law enforcement duties the Prospect Police Department provides several programs to help educate and enlighten the citizenry of Prospect.  

The Department's House Watch program is very successful. Click on the link and request a House Watch by completing the on-line form. Officers will keep close tabs on the house while residents are away and will take action should unauthorized vehicles or persons be near the house. For more information about this program and the ones listed below, please call 228-1150.

Crime Prevention is EVERYONE'S responsibility. As part of the community, the police department plays an important role in keeping the community safe. However, the police can't be everywhere, all the time. The success of our crime prevention/community service programs depends on you, for only with your active participation can these programs be effective.