The City has many services to offer its residents, including 24-hour Police protection; garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup; street and drainage repairs and other similar activities.

Go to City Personnel for information about these services provided by the City.

Garbage is picked up twice a week at the back door. There is a once-a-week recycling pickup at the back door as well. The City loans each resident a recycling container and recyclables are sorted by the City's contractor when they are picked up - residents do not need to sort such items themselves. Yard waste (leaves and grass) are picked up weekly at the curb. Such materials must be placed separately in containers, plastic bags, or in special paper lawn and leaf bags which can be found at most area stores. In addition, large junk items are picked up every week, but we ask that if you have a large pickup, please call our waste hauler, Rumpke Sanitation, at 568-3800 so they can alert their crews. Residents who miss a pickup of any kind should also call Rumpke 502-568-3800, but if you miss several pickups, please alert City Hall, 228-1121.

City streets are maintained by Prospect and residents who have recommendations for improvements or complaints should call City Hall. The City instituted a major paving program two years ago and many streets are scheduled for resurfacing in the future.

The City maintains entrance lights and street signs. If an entrance light is out, please call City Maintenance, 228-1121. The utility company is responsible for all street lights within the subdivisions. If a street light is out, please call LG&E at 589-3500 or City Hall,

The turn lane and lighting at each subdivision on the south side of U.S. 42 provides drivers with the ability to decelerate safely at night.

The City has contracted with Metro Sewer District (MSD) the responsibility of maintaining all water and storm sewer related drainage within the City. Drainage prblems should be referred to MSD at 587-0603.

The City publishes a four-color, monthly Newsletter with information about goings on, government activities and a copy of the official minutes of the most recent City Council meeting.

The City is proud to offer a Library to all the residents of Prospect. It's located on the second floor of City Hall and has a variety of materials to include limited reference, fiction, and non-fiction, for your enjoyment. Click here for more!


The City has an
9-member police force which provides 24-hour protection to all residents.

Prospect's trash contractor picks up garbage twice a week at the back door; recycling once a week at the back door and yard waste once a week at the curb.

The City maintain's all public streets.

Prospect performs many other services. If you need help, call City Hall at 228-1121.